Bases/ Stations

RCAF Station Calgary, Alberta

1937.  Location of No. 13 (Fighter) Squadron (Auxiliary).

January 1937.  Location of No. 113 (F) Squadron.

    September 1944.  Closure.

Location of No. 2 Wireless School.

Sep 16, 1940 formed

Apr 14, 1945.  Closure

September 1940.  Location of  No. 11 Equipment Depot.

    November 1951.  Closure.

October 1940.  Location of No. 10 Repair Depot.

    May 1951.  Closure.

October 194.  Location of No. 3 SFTS

December 1945.  Closure

December 1942.  Location of No.2 Construction and Maintenance Unit.

    July 1961.  Closure.

August 1941.  Location of No. 31 Elementary Flying Training School.

    March 1944.  Closure.

August 1941.  Location of No. 37 Service Flying Training School (RAF).

    March 1944.  Relocated to De Winton.

1942.  Location of No. 4 Construction and Maintenance Unit.

    1945.  Closure.

January 1944.  Location of No. 2 Aircrew Graduate Training School.

    January 1945.  Closure.

January 1945.  Location of No. 7 Release Center.

    February 1946.  Closure.

September 1945.  Closure of No. 2 Service Flying Training School.

October 1948.  Location of No. 9403 Unit.

    November 1949.  Closure.

December 1951.  No. 11 Equipment Depot renamed No. 11 Supply Depot.

    May 1955.  Closure.

June 1951.  Location of No. 25 Air Material Base.

    May 1954.  Closure.

October 1951.  Location of Pilot Refresher Training School.

    May 1952.  Closure.

15 March 1952.  Location of 4 FTS (Flying Training School).


    25 May 1953.  Transferred to Penhold, Alberta

June 1952.  Location of No. 2403 Aircraft Control and Warning.

    November 1958.  Closure.

June 1954.  Location of No. 30 Wing HQ (Aux), University Squadron Org Orders.

    March 1963.  Closure.

June 1954.  Location of No. 3053 Technical Training Unit.

    November 1962.  Closure.

December 1954.  Location of No. 4010 Medical Unit (Aux).

    February 1964.  Closure.

December 1960.  Location of No. 10 Technical Services Unit.

    December 1964.  Closure.

1963.  Location of No. 711 (East Calgary) Detachment.

    1964. Closure.

CFB Calgary

15 Field Ambulance

    15 Field Ambulance Calgary



Location of 746 Communication Squadron


RCAF Station Cap de la Madeleine, Quebec

October 1940.  Location of No. 11 Elementary Flying Training School.

    February 1944.  Closure.

October 1941.  Location of No. 9 Repair Depot.

    January 1945.  Closure.

February 1944.  Location of No. 1 Aircraft Storage Unit.

    December 1945.  Closure.

February 1945.  Location of No. 511 Reserve Equipment Maintenance Satellite.

    March 1945.  Closure.

Cape Bauld, Newfoundland

September 1942.  Location of No. 30 Radio Detachment.

    October 1945. Closure.

Cape Scott, British Columbia

December 1942.  Location of No. 10 Radio Detachment.

    September 1945.  Closure.

Cape Spear, Newfoundland

November 1944.  Location of No. 42 Radio Detachment.

    June 1945.  Closure.

Cape St. James, British Columbia

August 1943.  Location of No. 28 Radio Detachment.

    September 1945. Closure.

Capodichini, Italy

November 1956.  Location of Air Transport Unit, UNEF.

    January 1958.  Closure.

RCAF Station Carberry, Manitoba

April 1943.  Location of No. 33 Service Flying Training School (RAF).

    March 1945.  Closure.

December 1944.  Location of No. 3 Reserve Equipment Maintenance Unit.

    March 1946.  Closure.

RCAF Station Caron, Saskatchewan

December 1941.  Location of No. 33 Elementary Flying Training School (RAF).

    February 1944.  Closure.


Location of  701 Communication Squadron (1965 - 1994)

RCAF Station/ CFB Cartwright

Pinetree Line

    Fall 1953.  Operational.

    18 June 1968.  Closure.

RCAF Station Catawba

RCAF Station/ CFB Centralia, Ontario.

        1942.  Location of No. 9 Service Flying Training School ( 9 SFTS).  Moved from RCAF Station Summerside.  Flew the Anson and the Harvard aircrafts.

            June 1945.  9 SFTS cease operations.  Replaced by 1 Aircrew Conditioning Unit (1 ACU) .

                15 September 1945.  1 ACU replaced by No. 1 Flying Training School (No. 1 FTS).  Flew the Anson and the Harvards aircrafts.


                2 February 1946.  Placed on "Care and Maintenance".

        Spring 1947. No. 1 Instrument Flying School (No. 1 IFS) relocated to RCAF Station Trenton.

        January 1947.  RCAF Station Centralia reactivated.  Location of No. 1 Radar and Communications School (No. 1 R&CS).


        22 March 1947.  No. 1 Instrument Flying School (No. 1 IFS) moved from RCAF Trenton, Ontario.

        1 April 1947.  No. 1 Flying Training School (No. 1 FTS) reactivated.  Flew the Harvards aircraft.


            March 1957.  De-activated and merged with the Advanced Training School at RCAF Saskatoon.

        April 1948.  Formation of the RCAF's School of Flying Control.

1950's.  Location of 3 University Air Training Plan

        1954.  The NATO Training and Induction School relocated from RCAF London.

        October 1954.  Formation of the Pre-Flight School


        8 October 1956.  Began hosting the Primary (Flying) Training School (PFTS).  Flew the Chipmunk aircraft.


            1 August 1958.  Became PTS Flight.


                15 September 1961.  Disbanded.  PFS assumes flying role.


                    Mid 1966.  PFS moves to Camp Borden, Ontario

        1958.  No.2 Personnel Selection Unit (PSU) moved from RCAF London.

        1966.  Closure of RCAF Centralia.

RCAF Station Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

December 1940.  Location of No. 31 General Reconnaissance School. (RAF).

    February 1944.  Closure.

February 1944.  No. 2 Air Navigation School re-established.

    July 1945.  Closure.

1 February 1946.  Responsibilities transferred from the RCAF to the Federal Department of Transport

Location of 721 Communication Regiment

Work Dress


RCAF Station/ CFB Chatham, New Brunswick

May 1941.  Location of No. 10 Air Observer School.


    April 1945.  Closure.

July 1941.  Location of No. 21 Elementary Flying Training School.

    August 1942.  Closure.

May 1945.  Location of No. 602 Reserve Equipment Maintenance Satellite.

    December 1945.  Closure.

June 1956.  Location of No. 1 (F) Operational Training Unit.


    May 1960.  Closure.

STU (Sabre Transition Unit)


 1 February 1968.  Integrated in the Canadian Armed Forces.  Renamed CFB Chatham.


Front Back


    Title     Chatham an Airfield History

    Author Col A. M. Lee

    ISBN    0-9691253-4-8          


1996.  Closure.

RCAF Station Chibougamau, Quebec

Pinetree Line

1 May 1962.  Operational.  Home of No. 10 Aircraft Warning and Control Squadron.

1 February 1968.  Integrated in the Canadian Armed Forces.  Renamed CFS Chibougamau.


Front Back

1 April 1988.  Closure.


Officer Candidate Training Plan Direct Entry Officer


RCAF Station Claresholm, Alberta

May 1941.  Location of No. 15 Service Flying Training School opened under the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan.

    30 May 1945.  Closure.  Rendering the Station unoccupied.

April 1942 to September 1942.  Location of No. 2 Flight Instructor School.

    September 1942. Relocated to RCAF Station Vulcan.

1951.  Station re-opened as a NATO pilot training centre run by No. 3 FTS (Flying Training School).

    25 August 1958.  Disbanded


RCAF Station Clinton, Ontario

July 1941.  Location of No. 31 Radio Direction Finding School (RAF).

    July 1943.  Closure.

August 1943.  Location of No. 5 Radio School.

    October 1945.  Closure.

November 1945.  Location of No. 1 Radar and Communication School.

        Basic Electronic Course (BEC)


        Basic Electronic Maintenance (BEM)


        Communications Technician Ground (CTG)

        Fighter Control Operator (FCO)









        Radar Technician Ground (RTG)


    May 1959.  Closure.

Telegraph Tech

June 1952.  Location of No. 12 Examination Unit.

    December 1958.  Closure.

December 1952.  Location of No. 1 Air Radio Officer School.

    September 1954.  Closure.

July 1954.  Location of School of Food Services.

    December 1958.  Closure.



December 1964.  Closed.

RCAF Station Coal Harbour, British Columbia

June 1940.  Opened.

January 1944.  No. 120 (BR) Squadron relocated from Patricia Bay.

    April 1944.  Closure.

August 1945.  Closed.

RCAF Station/ CFB Cold Lake, Alberta

Pinetree Line

1 August 1954.  Operational.

1 August 1991.  Closed.

1952.  Construction began.

31 March 1954.  Opening of RCAF Cold Lake.

16 May 1955.  Location of 3 Operational Training Unit (3 OTU)

June 1956.  Location of Central Experimental and Proving Establishment.


      May 1963.  Closure.




1 February 1968.  Integrated in the Canadian Armed Forces.  Renamed CFB Cold Lake.


Front Back

Vehicle Technicians

September 1971. No. 1 Canadian Forces Flying Training School moved in from CFB Gimli.

January 1994.  No. 4 (F) Wing relocated from Baden.

20 June 1979.  Celebrated 25 years

   1993.  Renamed 4 Wing.



Air Force Test Center (AFTC)










Air Show 1993

Air Show 1999


Tiger Meet


20 June 2004.  Celebrated 50 years


Air Show 2004



Air Show 2018

 20 June 2004.  Celebrated 50 years

Commemorative plaque


Title    The Alberta Airshow

Author None

ISBN    None

Title    Silver Jubilee Celebration

Author    None

ISBN    None

Title    Celebrating 45 Years

Author    None

ISBN    None

Title    Cold Lake Canada's Northern Guardians

Author    Robbie Shaw

ISBN    0-85045-910-9

CF-18 Demo Team


        1 AMS (Air Maintenance Squadron)

            Moved from Baden-Soellingen, Germany ( 26 April 1993)





        4 Airfield Defence Detachment

        4 Airfield Engineering Squadron

            Formed 1 Jun 1993





                Air Force

                Air Force Flying Suit




4 Air Movements Unit

        April 1961.  Location of 10 FTTU (Field Technical Training Unit)/10 FTTS (Field Technical Training Squadron)




        42 Radar Squadron




            CADPAT Title

                Air Force


                Air Force Flying Suit


4 Wing Telecom

        AETE (Aerospace Engineering Test Establishment)

Authorized as 448 Test Squadron on June 27th, 1967

Amalgamated with Aerospace Engineering Test Establishment on July 1st, 1967

Redesignated Aerospace Engineering Test Establishment, Cold Lake on September 1st, 1971





            AF T&E (Air Force Test and Evaluation)



30th Anniversary Coin 1997

National Test Pilot School


Joint Helmet Mounted  Cueing System (JHMCS)


Fighter Pilot Course (FPC)

Gun Maintenance Shop

F 404 Test Facility


        Air Combat Manoeuvring Range (ACMR).  Opened 10 November 1982.


Air Combat Maneuvering Instrumentation

AIM 7 Sparrow


        Air Traffic Control





        BAMEO Cold Lake


        Base Flight


        Base Hospital     


        Base Technical Services Officer (BTSO)


        Canadian Mechanical Engineering Branch

            Mobile Arrestor Gear System

            Transportable Arrestor Gear System


        Combat Operation Center




Tactical Air Control Party (TACP)

Construction Engineering

        Maple Flag


1978 (Spring and Fall) (I &II)

1979 (Spring and Fall) (III & IV)

1980 (Spring and Fall) (V & VI)

1981 (Spring and Fall) (VII & VIII)

1982 (Spring and Fall) (IX & X)

    Title    Maple Flag Orders and ROE

    Author    None

    ISBN    None


    Title    In Flight Guide

    Author    None

    ISBN    None


1983 (Spring and Fall) (XI & XII)

1984 (Spring and Fall) (XIII & XIV)

1985 (Spring and Fall) (XV & XVI)

1986 (Spring and Fall) (XVII & XVIII)

1987 (Spring and Fall) (XVIX & XX)


1988 (XXI)

1989 (XXII)

1990 (XXIII)

1991 (XXIV)

    Cancelled due to Operation Desert Storm

1992 (XXV)


1993 (XXVI)


1994 (XXVII)

1995 (XXVIII)


Front Back

1996 (XXIX)

1997 (XXX)

1998 (XXXI)

1999 (XXXII)

    Cancelled due to Operation Allied Forces in Kosovo

2000 (XXXIII)

    4 Sqn USAF 421 FS            

2001 (XXXIV)

  Germany Australia  

2002 (XXXV)

  USAF 61 FS USAF 44 FS USAF 510 FS  with velcro  USAF 510 FS  no velcro USAF 14FS NATO Germany Germany type 2    
France RNLAF

2003 (XXXVI)

  France         France       Error in name 74th Fighting Squadron

2004 (XXXVII)

  Germany Holland Norway The Netherlands Belgium Belgium France France France


Unknown.  Can anyone identify this one.  I have one similar under Bases_Stations Goose Bay dated 2004, thus I believe this one is from 2004 as well.  I have contacted the RAF not theirs, I have contacted the German Air Force, not theirs.


2005 (XXXVIII)

2006 (XXXIX)

    Night flying carried out by the RNLAF




        Royal Netherlands Night Flying 2006


2007 (XL)

2008 (XLI)



2009 (XLII)


2010 (XLIII)

Canadian Flag should be at bottom


2011 (XLIV) (Cancelled)

2012 (XLV)

2013 (XLVI)

2014 (XLVII)

2015 (XLVIII) cancelled due to Op Impact

2016 (XLIX)

2017 (L)

Aggressor CF-18

2018 (LI)

Misc Maple Flag


AFTTC (Air Force Tactical Training Centre) (part of Maple Flag)






Missile Lab








WSRO (Wing Standards and Readiness Organization)


WSO (Wing Standards Organization)



WSSU (Weapons System Software Unit)






Cold Lake Air Force Museum


Shooting Team

784 Wing


Town of Grand Centre