Canadian Rangers Cadets and Miscelleaneous

1939 Pattern Canvas

1940 to 1946

Cloth Flashes


CF Service Dress

 no embroidered edge green

Type A

CF Service Dress - DEU Service Dress -  Work Dress jacket - Garrison Dress Jacket with embroidered edge

Type B

Work Dress Jacket

Type C

Garrison Dress

Type D

CF Service Dress Jacket - Work Dress Jacket - Garrison Dress Jacket colour

Type E

Tabs CF Service Dress Jacket - CF Service Dress Shirt Slip-on - DEU Service Dress Shirt Slip-on Garrison Dress Shirt Slip-on no embroidered edge

Type F

Tabs CF Service Dress Slip-on - DEU Service Dress Slip-on - Work Dress Jacket - Work Dress Slip-on - Garrison Dress Slip-on

Type G

Tabs Work Dress Jacket - Work Dress Slip-on

Type H

Tabs Garrison Dress Slip-on

Type I

Slip-On sewn
CF Dress
DEU Service Dress
Work Dress Shirt/Jacket
Garrison Dress Shirt

Type J

1971 - 1999

Combat Boonie Badge

1971 - 2004

CADPAT CADPAT 2015 Arid Brassard
                            1 HC CA         Wanted CP 239  
1st Canadian Infantry Brigade Group                           CAN INF DIV Wanted CT 373          
2 Groupe de Patrouilles des Rangers Canadienne                           2 GPRC      
2nd Regular Support Unit                           2 RSU Wanted CT 377          
3rd Canadian Ranger Patrol Group                         3 CRPG Wanted CT 259          
5th Canadian Ranger Patrol Group                           5 CRPG Wanted CT 360          
5e Groupe de Combat                           5e GP de C Wanted CT 375          
6th Canadian Brigade Group                           6 CBG     Wanted CP 240      
Cadet Instructional Cadre                         C I C
Wanted CT 363A

Cadet Instructor List School                                        
Canadian Forces Leadership and Recruit School                           CFLRS          
Canadian Infantry Brigade Group                           CIB GP Wanted CT 374          
Canadian Rangers                           CDN RANG
Canadian Services College                           CSC Wanted CT 365          
Civilian                           CIVILIAN          
Civilian Military Cooperation Unit                           CIMIC     Wanted CP 234    
Civilian Social Worker                           SOCIAL WORK Wanted CT 376          
College Militaire Royal St-Jean                         CMR Wanted CT 366          
Directorate of Engineering and Design                           DED Wanted CT 378          
DND Motor Transport Section     Wanted 76A

DND Photo Unit                           PHOTO U Wanted CT 370        
Directorate of Vehicle Design                           DVD Wanted CT 379          
Ecole de Leadership et de Recrue des Forces Canadiennes                           ELRFC          
Element de Commandement National                           ECN

Wanted CT 368B
The Governor General of Canada                           GOV. GEN. CANADA Wanted CT 371          
HMCS MALAHAT                           HMCS MALAHAT     Wanted CP 241      
Katimavik Northern Youth Program                         KATIMAVIK            
Minister of National Defence                           MND CANADA Wanted CT 372A
Wanted CT 372B
National Command Element                           NCE Wanted CT 367A
Regional Cadet Instructor School                           RCIS Wanted CT 362          
Royal Canadian Army Cadets                           CADET
Royal Canadian Army Cadets                           ARMY CADETS          
Task Force Bosnia Herzegovina                           TFBH Wanted CT 369