Corps and Services

4th Canadian Armoured Division 5th Canadian Armoured Division 1939 Pattern Canvas

1940 to 1946


 1900 - 1967

CF Service Dress

 no embroidered edge green

Type A

CF Service Dress - DEU Service Dress -  Work Dress jacket - Garrison Dress Jacket with embroidered edge

Type B

Work Dress Jacket

Type C

Garrison Dress

Type D

CF Service Dress Jacket - Work Dress Jacket - Garrison Dress Jacket colour

Type E

Tabs CF Service Dress Jacket - CF Service Dress Shirt Slip-on - DEU Service Dress Shirt Slip-on Garrison Dress Shirt Slip-on no embroidered edge

Type F

Tabs CF Service Dress Slip-on - DEU Service Dress Slip-on - Work Dress Jacket - Work Dress Slip-on - Garrison Dress Slip-on

Type G

Tabs Work Dress Jacket - Work Dress Slip-on

Type H

Tabs Garrison Dress Slip-on

Type I

CF Service Dress Shirt

DEU Service
 Dress Shirt

Work Dress Shirt/ Jacket

Garrison Dress Shirt

 Type J
Hat Badge
Royal Military College

Royal Roads Military College

College Militaire Royal de St Jean
Officer Candidate School
No 1 Canadian Army Course Wanted 05A
No 2 Canadian Army Course Wanted 06A

Canadian Officers Training Corps

Acadia University
Carleton College
Carleton University
College Sainte-Anne
Dalhousie and King's Universities
Loyola College
McGill University

McMaster University

Memorial University of Newfoundland
Mount Allison University
Ontario Agricultural and Veterinary Colleges
Nova Scotia Technical College
Queen's University
St Dunstan's College
St Francis Xavier University
Saint Mary's University
Sir George Williams College
St Thomas University
Universite de Montreal
Universite Laval
University of Alberta
University of Bishops College Wanted 27
University of British Columbia
University of Manitoba
University of New Brunswick
University of Ottawa
University of Saskatchewan
University of Toronto

University of Western Ontario

Canadian Military Staff Clerks

Canadian Chaplains Service
Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Royal Canadian Army Veterinary Corps Wanted SO 15A                      
Veterans Guard of Canada

Wanted 62A

Wanted 62C

Wanted 62D 

Canadian Forestry Corps Wanted

Canadian Technical Training Corps CTTC
Canadian Army Trades School. Canadian Technical Training Corps
The Canadian Army Women's Corps

Wanted 65D

Wanted 65E


Canadian Film and Photo Unit
Canadian Rangers Wanted 69
Cadet Service of Canada
Army Fire Service
DND Fire Service
Defence Research Service
DND Motor Transport Wanted 76A

Civilian Concert Party
Public Relation Officer
Special Services
Khaki University of Canada