Dental Branch

Canadian Dental Corps - Royal Canadian Dental Corps - Dental Services Branch - Dental Branch


  The First Canadian Army The First Canadian Corps 1st Canadian Infantry Division 2nd Canadian Infantry Division 3rd Canadian Infantry Division 4th Canadian Armoured Division 5th Canadian Armoured Corps 1939 Pattern Canvas

1940 to 1946


 1900 - 1967

CF Service Dress

no embroidered edge green

Type A

CF Service Dress -  Work Dress jacket - Garrison Dress Jacket with embroidered edge

Type B

Work Dress Jacket

Type C

Garrison Dress Jacket 

Type D

CF Service Dress Jacket - Work Dress Jacket - Garrison Dress Jacket - Cadet Jacket

Type E

CF Service Dress Jacket - Garrison Dress Jacket

Type F

CF Service Dress Jacket - CF Service Dress Slip-on - DEU Service Dress Slip-on -  Garrison Dress Shirt Slip-on

Type G

CF Service Dress Slip-on - DEU Service Dress Slip-on - Work Dress Jacket - Work Dress Slip-on - Garrison Dress Slip-on

Type H

Work Dress Jacket - Work Dress Slip-on

Type I

Garrison Dress Slip-on

 Type J
CF Service Dress Shirt - DEU Service Dress Shirt - DEU Service Dress Shirt - Work Dress Shirt/ Jacket (in old gold) - Garrison Dress Shirt Type K DEU 2015   Combat

1971 - 1999

Combat Boonie Badge

1971 - 1999

Canadian Dental Corps Wanted FB 208 Wanted FB 247 Wanted FB 270A

Wanted FB 284  Wanted FB 297 
WantedSO 8A
Wanted SO 8C
Royal Canadian Dental Corps (1963 to 1968)                                              RCDC 

Canadian Forces Dental Services Branch                                    Wanted CF 172 H          CFDS 

Dental Branch                                     Wanted CF 172 H          Dental       
Service Dentaire des Forces Canadiennes                                      Wanted CF 173 H          Dentaire     

Service Dentaire des Forces Canadiennes                                       Wanted CF 173 H          SFDC      Wanted CP 212A 
 Royal Canadian Dental Corps (2015)                                    Wanted CF 174 H                  
 Corps Dentaire Royal Canadien                                   Wanted CF 175 H                   


Trade Badges

  Khaki   Green Black
Battle Dress   Garrison Dress Distinctive Environmental Uniform
1956 to 1968   1985 to 1998 1985 to Present
GP1 GP2 GP3 GP4 Comments Lv1 Lv2 Lv3 Lv4 Lv1 Lv2 Lv3 Lv4
Dental Assistant None None Renamed Dental Clinic Assistant in 1966                
Dental Equipment Repairer None Renamed Dental Equipment Technician in 1964                
Dental Storesman None Obsolete in 1966                
Dental Technician Renamed Dental Technician Laboratory in 1957                
Dental Technician Clinical None None Wanted                
Technical Dental Therapist None None None Wanted                
Dental Clinic Assistant 722         Renamed Dental Technician in 2003
Dental Equipment Technician 724         Obsolete in 2000 Wanted TQ 264B

Dental Hygienist 725          

Dental Lab Technician 723          

Dental Technician 738          
Dental Therapist