Infantry Corps
Royal Canadian Infantry Corps

Flashes and Tabs
  The First Canadian Army 2nd Canadian Infantry Division 5th Canadian Armoured Division 2nd Canadian Tank Regiment - 2nd Canadian Armoured Regiment 1939 Pattern

1940 to 1946


1900 to 1967

CF Service Dress

no embroidered edge green

Type A

CF Service Dress -  Work Dress jacket - Garrison Dress Jacket with embroidered edge

Type B

Work Dress Jacket

Type C

Garrison Dress Jacket 

Type D

CF Service Dress Jacket - Work Dress Jacket - Garrison Dress Jacket - Cadet Jacket

Type E

CF Service Dress Jacket - Garrison Dress Jacket

Type F

CF Service Dress Jacket - CF Service Dress Slip-on - DEU Service Dress Slip-on -  Garrison Dress Shirt Slip-on

Type G

CF Service Dress Slip-on - DEU Service Dress Slip-on - Work Dress Jacket - Work Dress Slip-on - Garrison Dress Slip-on

Type H

Work Dress Jacket - Work Dress Slip-on

Type I

Garrison Dress Slip-on

 Type J
CF Service Dress Shirt - DEU Service Dress Shirt - DEU Service Dress Shirt - Work Dress Shirt/ Jacket (in old gold) - Garrison Dress Shirt Type K DEU 2015   Misc

1971 - 1999

Combat Boonie Badge

1968 - 2004

Hat Badges Miscellaneous CADPAT CADPAT TEMPERATE WOODLAND HI VIS Slip-On regular size CADPAT TEMPERATE WOODLAND HI VIS Slip-On small size Arid  
Canadian Infantry Corps
Wanted 43A

Royal Canadian Infantry Corps 2014                                   Wanted CF 54 K    RCIC                
Corps Infanterie Royal Canadien 2014                                   Wanted CF 55 K    CIRC                  
1st Canadian Parachute Battalion           Wanted PF 74
Wanted 223A

Wanted 223B

British Airborne Forces (worn by the 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion)                                                      
1 Special Force Service                                                      
1st Canadian Infantry Division                                       CDN INF DIV Wanted CT 373              
Canadian Infantry Brigade Group                                       CIB GP Wanted CT 374              
26th Army Tank Regiment (Grey & Simcoe Foresters)             Wanted 153                                          
48th Highlanders         Wanted SO 82A
Wanted SO 82B
Wanted SO 82D

          48 HIGHRS

    Wanted HV 124 R Wanted HV 124 S missing 1 type b
Algonquin Regiment         Wanted SO 119A
Wanted SO 119B

Wanted 186C




    Wanted HV 126 R Wanted HV 126 S missing one boonie
Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders of Canada         Wanted SO 113A
Wanted SO 113B
Wanted 187A

To be scanned


Wanted CF 92 G Wanted CF 92 I      


A & SH of C

Wanted CH 44B    
 Wanted HV 127 R Wanted HV 127 S

Battleford Light Infantry         Wanted SO 129A                             B.L.I.                
Brockville Rifles         Wanted SO 79A
Wanted SO 79B
            Wanted CF 73 G     BROCK RIF

    Wanted HV 108 S
missing 1900-1967
missing 1 boonie
Calgary Highlanders   Wanted FB 260      


Wanted CF 99 C2
     Wanted CF 99 H         CALG HIGHRS

     Wanted HV 135 R Wanted HV 135 S complete

Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa
        Wanted SO 81A Wanted PF 31A



CH of O



Wanted HV 121 R Wanted HV 121 S 1 CADPAT
Canadian Airborne Regiment                        


Canadian Fusiliers         Wanted SO 58A
Wanted SO 58B
Wanted PF 66
Wanted 137A

Wanted 137B

                        CANADIAN FUSILIERS               complete
The Canadian Grenadiers Guards        
Wanted  SO 54A


Wanted PF 43
Wanted 132A



Wanted CH 15C
     Wanted HV 96 R Wanted HV 96 S complete
Canadian Guards              Wanted CF 109 A             Wanted CF 109 G           CDN GDS

1 Canadian Guards            
2 Canadian Guards                                                      

3 Canadian Guards


4 Canadian Guards

Canadian Scottish Regiment         Wanted SO 84A
Wanted SO 84B


Wanted CF 103 H
Wanted CF 103 I2
  Wanted CF 103 J     C SCOT R
Wanted CT 171 A

 Wanted HV 138 R Wanted CA 85 complete
Cape Breton Highlanders     Wanted FB 316   Wanted SO 116A                Wanted CF 84 H         CAPE BRETON HIGH'RS

 Wanted HV 119 R Wanted HV 119 S   Wanted CA 66 complete
Carleton and York Regiment         Wanted SO 98A Wanted PF 17

                        CARLETON & YORK               complete
Dufferin and Haldimand Regiment         Wanted SO 77A   Wanted 155A                         MIDLAND               complete
Edmonton Fusiliers (until 1946)         Wanted SO 122A  
Wanted 201A

Wanted 201B

                        EDMONTON FUSILIERS                
The Essex and Kent Scottish            
 Wanted CF 88 C   Wanted CF 88 E            



    Wanted CP 123  Wanted HV 123 R Wanted HV 123 S Wanted CA 70 complete
Essex Scottish Regiment   Wanted FB 256     Wanted SO 76A

                        ESSEX SCOTTISH                
First Garrison Battalion (until 1944)                                                      
Second Garrison Battalion (until 1944)                                                      
Second Canadian Special Infantry Battalion (until 1944)             Wanted 221                                          
Pacific Coast Militia Rangers (until 1945)             Wanted 222                                          
Fusiliers de Sherbrooke         Wanted SO 87A  
Wanted 210A

             Wanted CF 98 H      
F. de S.


Wanted CT 169 A

Wanted CH 53B

missing 1 type e
Fusiliers du St. Laurent         Wanted SO 111A  



Wanted CT 145 A

Wanted CT 145 C


Wanted HV 111 S To be scanned missing 1 1900
missing 1 type B
Fusiliers Mont- Royal   Wanted FB 262     Wanted SO 96A
Wanted SO 96B
Wanted 165A

    Wanted CF 77 H        


Fus MR

Wanted HV 113 R Wanted HV 113 S
Governor General's Foot Guards         Wanted SO 53A Wanted PF 42

    Wanted CF 59 I       GGFG     Wanted HV 95 S
missing CADPAT
Grey and Simcoe Foresters       Wanted FB 362 Wanted SO 76A
Wanted SO 76D
Wanted SO 76E
        Wanted CF 71 D            


G and SF

     Wanted HV 106 R Wanted HV 106 S complete
Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment         Wanted SO 66A
Wanted SO 66B
Wanted SO 66C

Wanted SF 145C

  Wanted CF 67 C   Wanted CF 67 E  



     Wanted HV 103 R Wanted HV 103 S  
Highland Fusiliers of Canada                       Wanted CF 69 H       HF of C
Wanted CT 138 A

    Wanted     complete
Highland Light Infantry of Canada         Wanted SO 75A
Wanted SO 75B
Wanted 149A

                        H.L.I. CANADA               complete
Irish Fusiliers of Canada (The Vancouver Regiment)         Wanted SO 62E  

Wanted 141B

Wanted 141C

Wanted 141D

                        IRISH FUSILIERS (V.R.)               missing 1 1900
Irish Regiment of Canada         Wanted SO 132A
Wanted SO 132B

Wanted 215B

Wanted 215C

    Wanted CF 107 H  
Wanted CH 57B
          missing 1 1900
The Irish Regiment of Canada 2nd Battalion                                      

2 Ir RC

 2 IR RC

Wanted CT 173A

       Wanted HV 140 R Wanted HV 140 S  
Kent Regiment (until 1954)         Wanted SO 72A
Wanted SO 72B
                          KENT               complete
Kings Own Rifles         Wanted SO 92B                           K.O.R. Canada               complete
Lake Superior Regiment         Wanted SO 118A
Wanted SO 118C

Wanted 189B

                        LAKE SUPERIOR               missing 1 1900
The Lake Superior Scottish Regiment            

  Wanted CF 93 C  



Wanted CF 93 F   Wanted CF 93 H   Wanted CF  93 I       LSSR
    Wanted CP 128  Wanted HV 128 R Wanted CA 75 missing 1 1900
Lanark and Renfrew Scottish Regiment         Wanted SO 80A
Wanted SO 80B
Wanted PF 73                         L & R SCOT R
Lincoln and Welland Regiment         Wanted SO 68A Wanted PF 46

L & W


Wanted CT 137 A

Wanted CH 23C


Wanted HV 104 S

missing 1 1900
missing 1 type A
Lorne Scots (Peel, Dufferin and Halton Regiment)         Wanted SO 69A
Wanted SO 69B
Wanted PF 04       Wanted CF 72 E1
Wanted CF 72 E2
            LORNE SCOTS           complete
Lorne Scottish Regiment                                       LORNE SCOT R        Wanted HV 107 R Wanted HV 107 S complete 
Edmonton Regiment         Wanted SO 121A
Wanted SO 121B
Wanted PF 14

Wanted 199B

The Loyal Edmonton Regiment          
Wanted 200A

Wanted CF 105 C  

 Wanted CF 105 F         L EDMN R

     Wanted HV 132 R Wanted HV 132 S   Wanted CA 79 complete
Midland Regiment        
Middlesex and Huron Regiment         Wanted SO 73A                             MIDDLESEX HURON                
New Brunswick Rangers         Wanted SO 103A
Wanted SO 103B

Wanted 173B

                        N.B. RANGERS               complete
New Brunswick Scottish            

The North Saskatchewan Regiment                    Wanted CF 102 G

Wanted CF 102 H         N SASK R

     Wanted HV 129 R Wanted HV 129 S  Wanted CA 76 missing 1 1900
missing 1 boonie

The North Saskatchewan Regiment 1st Battalion


The North Saskatchewan Regiment 2nd Battalion

North Shore Regiment, New Brunswick         Wanted SO 102A
Wantes SO 102B
Wanted 172A

Wanted 172B

North Nova Scotia Highlanders         Wanted SO 115A
Wanted SO 115B
Wanted PF 40

Wanted 174B

Wanted 174C

Wanted 174D

                        N.N.S. HIGH'RS               complete
Pictou Highlanders (until 1954)        
Wanted SO 104B
                                          missing 1 1900
Nova Scotia Highlanders                            
            missing 1 1900
missing 1 boonie
1st Battalion Nova Scotia Highlanders                            
Wanted CF 82 H 
        1 NS HIGHRS      
2nd Battalion Nova Scotia Highlanders (Cape Breton)                                     2 NS HIGHRS      
missing 1 type b
missing combat
Oxford Rifles         Wanted SO 71A
Wanted SO 71B
                          OXFORD RIFLES               complete
Perth Regiment       Wanted SO 74A Wanted PF 55                         PERTH               complete
Perth & Waterloo Regiment                                                     complete
Prince Albert Volunteers         Wanted SO 128B  
                        P.A. & B. Volunteers               complete
Prince Albert and Battleford Volunteers         Wanted SO 127A                                           complete
Prince Edward Island Highlanders         Wanted SO 106A  
                        P.E.I. HIGH'RS               complete
Prince of Wales Rangers         Wanted SO 88A
Wanted SO 88B
                          P.W.R.               complete
Princess Louise Fusiliers         Wanted SO 97A
Wanted SO 97B
Wanted 166A          




Wanted CH 33B    

Wanted HV 113A R
Wanted HV 113 S Wanted CA 60A
missing 1 CADPAT 
Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry
        Wanted SO 51A Wanted PF 12
Wanted 127A




Wanted HV 93 S

Princess of Wales Own Regiment         Wanted SO 65A  

          Wanted CF 66 H         PWOR    

Wanted HV 102 S Wanted CA 48 missing type e
Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada   Wanted FB 263     Wanted SO 105E        
 Wanted CF 97 G           CAMERON

    Wanted HV 133 R Wanted HV 133 S complete
The Queen's Own Rifles
        Wanted SO 55A

Wanted 133B


Wanted CF 61 H     Wanted CF 61 K  


Wanted CH 16B

     Wanted HV 97 R Wanted HV 97 S

missing 1
Regiment de Chauteauguay         Wanted SO 95A Wanted PF 69                         CHATEAUGUAY               complete
Regiment de la Chaudiere
        Wanted SO 114A
Wanted SO 114B
Wanted PF 36         Wanted CF 76 F 1 Wanted CF 76 H        



 Wanted HV 112 S

scan 3 combat
missing 2 CADPAT
Regiment de Joliette         Wanted SO 107A                           JOLIETTE               missing 1 1900
Le Regiment de Levis (until 1954)         Wanted SO 67B Wanted PF 95                         LEVIS                
Regiment de Maisonneuve   Wanted FB 259     Wanted SO 109B Wanted PF 25  

    Wanted CF 85 E          




Wanted CH 37B

  Wanted HV 120 R  Wanted HV 120 S missing 1 type b
Regiment de Montmagny (until 1954)         Wanted SO 93A
Wanted SO 93B
                          MONTMAGNY               missing 1 1900
Regiment de Quebec         Wanted SO 110A
Wanted SO 110B

                        QUEBEC               missing 1 1900
Regiment de St. Hyacinthe         Wanted SO 108A                           ST. HYACINTHE               complete
Regiment du Saguenay         Wanted SO 83A
Wanted SO 83B
            Wanted CF 89 H      

R du SAG

     Wanted HV 125 S missing type a
The Regina Rifle Regiment        
Wanted 196A

                      REGINA RIF
    missing 1 1900
missing 5 combat
Rocky Mountain Rangers         Wanted SO 123A Wanted PF 65 0        Wanted CF 96 J     RM RANG
     Wanted HV131 R  Wanted HV 131 S missing 1 1900
Royal 22e Regiment         Wanted SO 52A Wanted PF 16          
R 22e R

R 22E R

R22e R


 Wanted HV 94 S


1e Bataillon du Royal 22e Regiment


2e Bataillon du Royal 22e Regiment



                            missing 1 1900
missing 1 small 2bn
3e Bataillon du Royal 22e Regiment



Wanted CT 127E

Wanted CT 127F


            missing 1 small 3bn
4e Bataillon du Royal 22e Regiment            


                  4 R 22e R e top
 4 R 22e R e bottom

      Wanted     complete
6e Batallion du Royal 22e Regiment                                  
6 R 22e R

6 R 22E R

Wanted CT 127 I

Wanted CT 127 J

Royal Canadian Regiment
        Wanted SO 50A
Wanted SO 50C
Wanted 126A


Wanted CF 56 E2

 Wanted HV 92 R

missing 3 1900
4th Battalion Royal Canadian Regiment (Militia)                                       4 RCR

      Wanted     missing 1 combat
Royal Hamilton Light Infantry (Wentworth Regiment)   Wanted FB 255    

        RHLI       Wanted HV 101 R  Wanted HV 101 S Wanted CA 47 complete
Royal Highland Fusiliers of Canada                       Wanted CF 70 E             RHFC
Wanted CT 139

Wanted CH 20B
  Wanted HV 105 R missing CADPAT
Blackwatch (Royal Highlanders Regiment) of Canada   Wanted FB 258     Wanted SO 57A
Wanted SO 57B
Wanted SO 57E

       Wanted HV 98 R   Wanted HV 98 S Wanted CA 44 missing 1 1900
missing 2 boonie
Royal Montreal Regiment Wanted FB 212       Wanted SO 89A
Wanted SO 89B
Wanted PF 02A
Wanted PF 02B
Wanted 214A

Wanted 214B

  Wanted CF 104 H      


    Wanted CP 139   Wanted HV 139 S
Royal New Brunswick Regiment                           RNBR   Wanted CH 34
1st Battalion Royal New Brunswick Regiment (Carleton and York)                                       1 RNBR

   Wanted HV 114 R   Wanted HV 114 S   Wanted CA 61 complete
2nd Battalion Royal New Brunswick Regiment (North Shore)                                       2 RNBR
          Wanted CA 62 complete
The Royal Newfoundland Regiment                     Wanted CF 108 H         NFLD R Wanted CT 175 A           missing type a

The Royal Newfoundland Regiment 1st Battalion

                                      1R NFLD R          Wanted HV 142 R   Wanted HV 142 S  

The Royal Newfoundland Regiment 2nd Battalion

                                      2 R NFLD R
      Wanted CP 143    Wanted HV 143 R   Wanted HV 143 S   Wanted CA 90 complete

The Royal Newfoundland Regiment 3rd Battalion

                                      3 R NFLD R                
Royal Regiment of Canada   Wanted FB 254     Wanted SO 61A
Wanted SO 61B
Wanted SF 140B
Wanted SF 140E


          R REGT C    
  Wanted HV 100 S Wanted CA 46 missing 1 combat

The Royal Regina Rifles

        Wanted          Wanted CF 95 E      Wanted CF 95 H      



   Wanted HV 130 R   Wanted HV 130 S missing 2 CADPAT
Royal Rifles of Canada         Wanted SO 59A
Wanted SO 59B
Wanted 138A

The Royal Westminster Regiment            

          R WESTMR R

      Wanted HV 134 S
missing 1 1900
Westminster Regiment      
Wanted SO 125B
Wanted 207A

             Wanted CF 100 G           WESTMINSTER               missing 1 1900
Royal Winnipeg Rifles        

Wanted SO 112B
  Wanted PF 32
Wanted 180A

Wanted 180B

Wanted 180C

  Wanted CF 87 F      



Wanted CT 154 A

    Wanted CP 122    Wanted HV 122 R   Wanted HV 122 S missing type h
Saint John Fusiliers         Wanted SO 94A
Wanted SO 94B
Wanted 167A

                        SAINT JOHN FUSILIERS               complete
Saskatoon Light Infantry        

                        SASKATOON L.I.               complete
Sault Ste. Marie and Sudbury Regiment         Wanted SO 85A
Wanted SO 85B
Wanted 191A

                        S.S.M.& S.               complete
Scots Fusiliers of Canada         Wanted SO 131A
Wanted SO 131B
                          SCOTS FUSILIERS CANADA               missing 1 1900
The Seaforth Highlanders of Canada        
Wanted 211A

Wanted 211B

Wanted CF 101 A  

   Wanted CF 101 J     SEAFORTH

    Wanted CP 137    Wanted HV 137 R   Wanted HV 137 S missing 1 type c
South Saskatchewan Regiment (until 1968)   Wanted FB 264     Wanted SO 91B
Wanted SO 91E
Wanted 217A

Wanted 217C



Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Highlanders         Wanted SO 90A
Wanted SO 90B

Wanted 160A

Wanted 160B

Wanted 160C


SD & G



Wanted CT 144 A



     Wanted HV 110 R   Wanted HV 110 S   complete
Toronto Scottish Regiment   Wanted FB 265     Wanted SO 133B
Wanted SO 133C
Wanted PF 20


           Wanted CF 106 K2   TOR SCOT R

       Wanted HV 141 R complete
Victoria Rifles of Canada Wanted SO 56A
Wanted 134A

        V.R.C.     missing 1 1900
Voltigeurs de Quebec         Wanted SO 60A
Wanted SO 60B

Wanted CF 63 E 1


  Wanted HV 99 S
missing 1 1900
West Nova Scotia Regiment         Wanted SO 99A

Wanted 171B

Wanted 171C




Wanted CF 80 H 3
        WEST NSR
  Wanted HV 116 S missing 3 1900
Winnipeg Grenadiers         Wanted PF 67                         WINNIPEG GRENADIERS               complete
Winnipeg Light Infantry (until 1955)            


Yukon Regiment                                                        

Royal Canadian School or Infantry (Camp Borden, Ontario)

Trade Badges

  Khaki   Green Black
Battle Dress   Garrison Dress Distinctive Environmental Uniform
1956 to 1968   1985 to 1998 1985 to Present
GP1 GP2 GP3 GP4 Comments Lv1 Lv2 Lv3 Lv4 Lv1 Lv2 Lv3 Lv4
Assistant Instructor Infantry None None Wanted TQ 158C Obsolete in 1968                
Infantry Anti-Tank Gunner None   None None
Infantry Driver None None                  
Infantry Machine Gunner None Obsolete in late 80's None None
Infantry Mortarman


None   None None
Infantry Signaller Wanted Wanted   None                  
Leading Infantryman Wanted Name Shortened to Infantryman in 1963                
Infantry Sniper None None None   None None
Infantry Stretcher Bearer None None None Obsolete in 1963                
Master Infantryman None None None Wanted Obsolete in 1966                
Infantry Pioneer None Obsolete in 2002 None None
Infantry Reconnaissance           None None
Infantryman 031