Logistic Branch and Service Battalions

Royal Canadian Army Service Corps - Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps - Logistics Branch

The First Canadian Army The First Canadian Corps The Second Canadian Corps 1st Canadian Infantry Division 2nd Canadian Infantry Division 3rd Canadian Infantry Division 4th Canadian Armoured Division 5th Canadian Armoured Division 6th Canadian Division 1st Canadian Tank Brigade - 1st Canadian Armoured Brigade 2nd Canadian Tank Regiment - 2nd Canadian Armoured Regiment 3rd Canadian Tank Regiment 1939 Pattern

1940 to 1946


 1900 - 1967

CF Service Dress

no embroidered edge green

Type A

CF Service Dress -  Work Dress jacket - Garrison Dress Jacket with embroidered edge

Type B

Work Dress Jacket

Type C

Garrison Dress Jacket 

Type D

CF Service Dress Jacket - Work Dress Jacket - Garrison Dress Jacket - Cadet Jacket

Type E

CF Service Dress Jacket - Garrison Dress Jacket

Type F

CF Service Dress Jacket - CF Service Dress Slip-on - DEU Service Dress Slip-on -  Garrison Dress Shirt Slip-on

Type G

CF Service Dress Slip-on - DEU Service Dress Slip-on - Work Dress Jacket - Work Dress Slip-on - Garrison Dress Slip-on

Type H

Work Dress Jacket - Work Dress Slip-on

Type I

Garrison Dress Slip-on

 Type J
CF Service Dress Shirt - DEU Service Dress Shirt - DEU Service Dress Shirt - Work Dress Shirt/ Jacket (in old gold) - Garrison Dress Shirt Type K DEU 2015

1971 - 1999

Combat Boonie Badge

1971 - 1999

CADPAT CADPAT TEMPERATE WOODLAND HI VIS Slip-On regular size CADPAT TEMPERATE WOODLAND HI VIS Slip-On small size Air Force Flying Suit Arid Misc
Royal Canadian Army Service Corps (1963 to 1968) Wanted FB 206
Wanted FB 229 Wanted FB 245 Wanted FB 268 Wanted FB 282 Wanted FB 295

Wanted FB 330 Wanted FB 354 Wanted FB 367


Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps (1963 to 1974)
Wanted FB 220 Wanted FB 231 Wanted FB 271

Wanted FB 356 Wanted FB 369 Wanted FB 377
Wanted SO 9B

Wanted 51B

Wanted 51C

Wanted 51D


Canadian Forces Logistics Branch Wanted CF 116 C
Wanted CF 93G Wanted CF 116 H1
Wanted CF 116 I


Wanted CH 65C

Wanted HV 151A S

Canadian Forces Logistics Branch 2015


Wanted HV 151B S
Branche de la Logistique 2015


Wanted HV 151C S
Service Battalion

Wanted CP 151B
Bataillon des Services


BN de S

Wanted CT 220 B
1st Area Support Group 1 ASG
1st General Support Battalion 1 GS BN

Wanted CT 252 B
1st Service Battalion


Wanted HV 157 R Wanted HV 157 S
2nd General Service Battalion 2 GS BN

Wanted CT 253 B
2e Groupe de Soutien du Canada 2 GSC Wanted CT 256
2nd Service Battalion

Wanted HV 158 R Wanted HV 158 R
3rd Canadian Support Group 3 CSG
3rd Canadian Support Unit 3 CSU Wanted CT 258
3e Groupe de Soutien du Canada 3 GSC
3rd Service Battalion 3 SVC BN

3e Unite Soutien du Canada 3 USC

4th Service Battalion

Wanted CF 121 J 4 SVC BN

4th Service Battalion, EME Wanted CF 121 H2


Wanted CT 219
4th Service Battalion, Transport Wanted CF 121 H3


5e Batallion de Soutien General 5 BON SG

Wanted HV 159 S
5e Battalion Service du Canada

52 Batallion des services

5e BN S DU C


11th Service Battalion 11 SVC BN
12th Service Battalion (Vancouver) Wanted CF 124 K 12 SVC BN
14th Service Battalion (Calgary) 14 SVC BN
Wanted CP 162
15th Service Battalion 15 SVC BN

Wanted CP 163
16th Service Battalion Wanted CF 127 F Wanted CF 127 J 16 SVC BN
17th Service Battalion 17 SVC BN
18th Service Battalion 18 SVC BN

Wanted CP 166
21st Service Battalion 21 SVC BN
Wanted CP 167
22nd Service Battalion Wanted CF 131 H 22 SVC BN

To be scanned
23 Service Battalion (Hamilton) 23 SVC BN Wanted CP 169
25th Service Battalion (Toronto) 25 SVC BN
25th Service Battalion (Toronto) Wanted CF 133 A TOR SVC BN Wanted CT 236 A
26th Service Battalion (North Bay and Sault Ste Marie) 26 SVC BN
Wanted CP 171
28th Service Battalion Wanted CF 135 H 28 SVC BN

31st General Support Company 31 GS COY Wanted CT 255

31st Service Battalion 31 SVC BN

Wanted HV 173 R Wanted HV 173 S
32nd Service Battalion (Moncton)


Wanted HV 174 R
32nd General Support Company 32 GS COY
33rd Service Battalion
33 SVC BN Wanted CT 241 A

Wanted HV 175 R Wanted HV 175 S
34 Battalion Service du Canada 34e BNS du C Wanted CP 176
34 Battalion des Services                                                                      
35th Service Battalion   35 SVC BN Wanted CT 242 A

35 Battalion Service du Canada 35e BNS du C Wanted CP 178
35 Battalion des Service 35 BON SVC  
36 Service Battalion 36 SVC BN
Wanted HV 179 S
37 Service Battalion 37 SVC BN Wanted HV 180 R Wanted HV 180S
38 Service Battalion 38 SVC BN Wanted CP 181 Wanted HV 181 R Wanted HV 181 S
39 Service Battalion 39 SVC BN Wanted CP 182 Wanted HV 182 S
39e Battalion des Services 39 BON SVC

40 Service Battalion 40 SVC BN Wanted CP 183
41 Service Battalion 41 SVC BN Wanted CP 184 Wanted HV 183 R Wanted HV 183 S
51e Battalion Service du Canada


51e BN S du C

Wanted CT 244 A

52e Battalion de Services du Canada (Quebec)

52e BN S du C

Wanted CT 245 B

Wanted CT 245 B

55e Battalion de Services du Canada (Quebec)

55e BN S du C

1985 Forward Mobile Recovery Unit 85 FMRU Wanted CT 260
1989 Canadian Logistic Unit (Bosnia) 89 CLU
111e Batallion Service du Canada (Ex Nobel Lion, 1990) 111e BN S du C
125th Support Battalion (RV 89) 125 SUP BN
Canadian Logistics Battalion (former Yugoslavia 1992-1995) CANLOGBAT
Canadian Capability Centre CCC
Canadian Contingent Support Group (Bosnia) (English) (1992-1995) CCSG
Centre de Gestion de l'Element Contingence (Leave center Bosnia) CGEC
Canadian Contingent Support Group (Bosnia) (French) (1992-1995) GSCC
Parachute Maintenance Depot Wanted CF 149 H
CFPMD To be scanned
Combat Support Group (North) CSG(N)
Forward Mobile Support Unit FMSU
311 Forward Mobile Support Unit 311 FMSU
Groupe de Soutien Logistique GSL
Joint Logistics Regiment J Log Regt
Meaford Service Battalion MEA SVB BN
National Support Element NSE Wanted CT 271 A

Wanted CT 271 C

Wanted CP 186B

Wanted CA 95B
Element de Soutien National ESN
Wanted CP 187A

Wanted CA 96B

Petawawa Service Battalion PET SVC BN Wanted CT 247
RV 87 Support Group RSG Wanted CT 262
Regiment de Logistique Interarmees RLI

Trade Badges

Khaki Green Black
Battle Dress Garrison Dress Distinctive Environmental Uniform
1956 to 1968 1985 to 1998 1985 to Present
GP1 GP2 GP3 GP4 Comments Lv1 Lv2 Lv3 Lv4 Lv1 Lv2 Lv3 Lv4
Clerk Accounting RCASC

None Renamed to Finance Clerk in 1968
Instructor RCASC None None None Obsolete in 1968
Senior Instructor RCASC None None None Obsolete in 1968
Storeman RCASC None None Renamed Supply Technician in 1968
Assistant Instructor RCOC None None Obsolete in 1968
Clerk Accounting RCOC None
Renamed to Finance Clerk in 1968

Storeman RCOC None Renamed Supply Technician in 1968
Baker None None
Butcher None
Master Cook None None None
Cook 861

Leather and Textile Worker
None Obsolete in 1966
Shoemaker None
None Obsolete in 1960
Shoe Repairer None None None
Obsolete in 1960

Obsolete in 1960

Fitter RCE None Obsolete in 1957
Machinist Fitter None Obsolete in 1966
Mechanist Machinery None None None
Moulder None None Obsolete in 1961
Operator Special Engineering Equipment None
Toolmaker None Obsolete in 1961
Laundry and Bath Operator No Badge No Badge None None Obsolete in 1966
Materials Technician 441 Formed in 1985