Medical Services Branch

Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps - Canadian Forces Medical Services Branch - Medical Services Branch

Flashes and Tabs

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1940 to 1946


 1900 - 1967

CF Service Dress

 no embroidered edge green

Type A

CF Service Dress - DEU Service Dress -  Work Dress jacket - Garrison Dress Jacket with embroidered edge

Type B

Work Dress Jacket

Type C

Garrison Dress

Type D

CF Service Dress Jacket - Work Dress Jacket - Garrison Dress Jacket colour

Type E

Tabs CF Service Dress Jacket - CF Service Dress Shirt Slip-on - DEU Service Dress Shirt Slip-on Garrison Dress Shirt Slip-on no embroidered edge

Type F

Tabs CF Service Dress Slip-on - DEU Service Dress Slip-on - Work Dress Jacket - Work Dress Slip-on - Garrison Dress Slip-on

Type G

Tabs Work Dress Jacket - Work Dress Slip-on

Type H

Tabs Garrison Dress Slip-on

Type I

CF Service Dress Shirt

DEU Service
 Dress Shirt

Work Dress Shirt/ Jacket

Garrison Dress Shirt

 Type J

1971 - 1999

Combat Boonie Badge

1971 - 1999

CADPAT CADPAT 2015 Air Force Air Force Flying Suit Arid
Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps (1963 to 1974) Wanted FB 218A
Wanted FB 230 Wanted FB 246 Wanted FB 269 Wanted FB 322A
Wanted FB 322B
Wanted FB 368 Wanted FB 376 Wanted SO 7F

Wanted 47B

Wanted 47C

Wanted 47D

No 6 Field Ambulance R.C.A.M.C.
Canadian Forces Medical Services Branch (1974 to 2003) Wanted CF 105F
Wanted CF 105H MEDICAL

Canadian Forces Medical Services Branch CFMS
Royal Canadian Medical Services (2015)                                                 RCMS            
Service de Sante Royal Canadien (2015)                                                 SSRC      
1st Field Hospital 1FD HOSP


Wanted CT 277 A

1st Canadian Field Hospital 1CDN FD HOSP


1st Canadian Light Field Hospital (Petawawa, ON)
1st Field Surgical Hospital 1 FSH Wanted CT 280 Wanted
1st Field Ambulance Wanted CF 106G Wanted CF 106H


2nd Field Ambulance Wanted 107E 2 FD AMB
4th Field Ambulance



Wanted CT 283 A

5e Ambulance de Campagne


5e AMB de C

Wanted CT 284 B

11th Field Ambulance 11 FD AMB Wanted CP 197
11th Medical Company 11 MED COY
12th Field Ambulance 12 FD AMB Wanted CP 198 Wanted
12th Medical Company 12 MED COY No Badge
15th Field Ambulance 15 FD AMB Wanted CP 199A Wanted
15th Medical Company 15 MED COY

Wanted CT 287 B

Wanted CP 199B Wanted
16th Field Ambulance 16 FD AMB Wanted
16th Medical Company 16 MED COY Wanted CT 288
17th Field Ambulance 17 FD AMB Wanted
17th Medical Company 17 MED COY Wanted CT 289
18th Field Ambulance Wanted CF 110G 18 FD AMB Wanted CP 202A
Wanted CP 202B
18th Medical Company 18 MED COY Wanted CT 290
23rd Field Ambulance 23 FD AMB
23rd Medical Company 23 MED COY Wanted CT 291
25th Field Ambulance 25 FD AMB Wanted CP 204
25th Medical Company 25 MED COY No Badge
28th Field Ambulance 28 FD AMB Wanted CP 205 Wanted
28th Medical Company


Wanted CT 293 B

33rd Field Ambulance 33 FD AMB
35th Field Ambulance 35 FD AMB
35th Medical Company 35 MED COY No Badge
51e Ambulance de Campagne 51e Amb c Wanted
51e Compagnie de Medicine (Montreal) 51e CIE MED Wanted CT 295
51st Field Ambulance 51 FD AMB Wanted
52e Ambulance de Campagne 52e Amb c Wanted CT 296 B Wanted CP 209 Wanted CA 99
52e Compagnie de Medicine

55e Ambulance de Campagne 55e Amb c

Wanted CA 100
55e Compagnie de Medecine

1st Combat Group Medical Unit 1 CGMU
2nd Combat Group Medical Unit 2 CGMU
4th Combat Medical Support Unit 4 CMSU
10th Medical Battation                     10 MEDICAL          
Canadian Medical Group C M G Wanted CT 276
Compagnie Medical/Dentaire CIE MED/DENT
Wanted CP 193
Role 3 Multi-National Medical Facility                     ROLE 3        

Trade Badges

Khaki Green Black
Battle Dress Garrison Dress Distinctive Environmental Uniform
1956 to 1968 1985 to 1998 1985 to Present
GP1 GP2 GP3 GP4 Comments Lv1 Lv2 Lv3 Lv4 Lv1 Lv2 Lv3 Lv4
Assistant Instructor RCAMC None None Obsolete in 1966
Biosciences Technician None None Obsolete in 1980
Hygiene Assistant None Renamed to Hygiene Technician in 1960
Hygiene Technician None None
Instrument Mechanic Surgical None Obsolete in 1960
Laboratory Assistant Renamed to Laboratory Technician in 1960
Medical Assistant
Nursing Assistant None Obsolete in1968
Occupational Therapy Aid None None None Obsolete in 1960
Operating Room Assistant None None
Optician None None None Obsolete in 1960

Optometrist None None None Obsolete in 1960
Pharmacist None None None Obsolete in 1960
Physio-Occupational Therapy Aid None None None Obsolete in 1960
Radiographer Renamed X-Ray Technician
Senior Medical Assistant None None None Obsolete in 1956
Technical Assistant Medical None None None Obsolete in 1960
Aeromedical Technician Moved to the air force
Base Medical Technician720 No badge
Biomedical Electronics Technologist 718 New in 1997 Trade formed after the use of Garrison Dress Trade formed after the use of Garrison Dress Trade formed after the use of Garrison Dress Trade formed after the use of Garrison Dress
Biomedical Electronics Technologist Junior 736
Field Medical Technician 721 No badge
Health Services Technical Manager 719 From 1995 to 2000
Laboratory Technician 714 Renamed Medical Lab Technician in 1980
Master Radiographer Obsolete in 1956
Medical Assistant 711 Renamed Medical Technician 737 in 2003
Medical Lab Technician 714
Medical Lab Technician Junior 734
Medical Radiation Technologist 715
Medical Radiation Technologist Junior 735
Medical Technician 737
Operating Room Assistant 713 Renamed Operating Room Technician in 2000
Operating Room Technician 713
Physician Assistant 732 No Badge
Preventive Medicine Technician 716
Preventive Medicine Technician Junior 733
X-Ray Technician 715 Renamed Medical Radiation Technologist in 1980
Clerk Accounting RCAMC None Obsolete in 1964
Assistant Instructor RCAMC None None Obsolete in 1968
Storeman Medical None Renamed Supply Technician in 1968