Military Engineering Branch

Royal Canadian Engineers - Canadian Military Engineers - Military Engineering Branch

Flashes and Tabs

The First Canadian Army The First Canadian Corps The Second Canadian Corps 1st Canadian Infantry Division 2nd Canadian Infantry Division 3rd Canadian Infantry Regiment 4th Canadian Armoured Division 5th Canadian Armoured Division 6th Canadian Division 7th Canadian Division 1939 Pattern Canvas

1940 to 1946


 1900 - 1967

CF Service Dress

 no embroidered edge green

Type A

CF Service Dress - DEU Service Dress -  Work Dress jacket - Garrison Dress Jacket with embroidered edge

Type B

Work Dress Jacket

Type C

Garrison Dress

Type D

CF Service Dress Jacket - Work Dress Jacket - Garrison Dress Jacket colour

Type E

Tabs CF Service Dress Jacket - CF Service Dress Shirt Slip-on - DEU Service Dress Shirt Slip-on Garrison Dress Shirt Slip-on no embroidered edge

Type F

Tabs CF Service Dress Slip-on - DEU Service Dress Slip-on - Work Dress Jacket - Work Dress Slip-on - Garrison Dress Slip-on

Type G

Tabs Work Dress Jacket - Work Dress Slip-on

Type H

Tabs Garrison Dress Slip-on

Type I

CF Service Dress Shirt

DEU Service
 Dress Shirt

Work Dress Shirt/ Jacket

Garrison Dress Shirt

 Type J
Hat Badge Combat

1971 - 1999

Combat Boonie Badge

1971 - 1999

CADPAT CADPAT 2015 Air Force Air Force Flying Suit Arid
Royal Canadian Engineers (until 1973) Wanted FB 215A
Wanted FB 215B
Wanted FB 227

Wanted FB 243B
Wanted FB 266 Wanted FB 319
Wanted FB 333 Wanted FB 337
Wanted SO 4B

Wanted 41B

Military Engineering Branch (1973 to present)
Wanted 33G


Royal Canadian Engineers (2015)                                                              
Genie Royal Canadien (2015)                                               GRC        
Canadian Military Engineers
Genie Militaire Canadien


Canadian Military Engineers G M CDN Wanted  
Genie du Material Terrestre GMTC Wanted CT 56  
1st Combat Engineer Regiment 1 CER
Wanted CP 47  
1st Construction Engineering Unit 1 CEU  
1st Engineering Support Unit 1 ESU Wanted CP 64  
1st Field Engineer Squadron 1 FD SQN Wanted CP 67  
2nd Combat Engineer Regiment 2 CER
2nd Field Engineer Regiment (R) 2 FD ENGR

Wanted CP 87  

2nd Field Engineer Squadron

2 FD SQN  
3rd Field Engineer Regiment (R) 3 FD ENGR

3rd Field Engineer Squadron

Wanted CP 68  
4 Airfield Engineer Squadron 4 AES   Wanted CP 61
4th Combat Engineer Regiment 4 CER

4th Engineer Support Regiment (1992 to present) 4 ESR
42nd General Support Squadron (4 ESR Support Regiment)  
4th Field Engineer Squadron 4 FD SQN
Wanted CP 69  
5e Escadron Genie du Canada 5e EG du C

5 EG du C

Wanted CT 69B

Wanted CP 70  
5e Regiment du Genie de Combat
5e RGC

6th Field Engineer Squadron 6 FD SQN
Wanted CP 71  
7th Field Engineer Squadron (R) 7 FD SQN Wanted CP 72  
8 Airfield Engineer  Squadron 8 AES Wanted CP 62  
8th Field Engineer Regiment (R) 8 FD ENGR

9e Escadron de Genie 9 EG Wanted CP 73  
9e Escadron du Genie du Canada 9 EG du C Wanted CT 71A

10e Escadron du Genie du Canada
10 EG du C

10e Escadron du Genie 10 EG

14 Airfield Engineer Squadron (R) 14 AES Wanted CP 63  
15e Edcadron du Genie (R) 15 EG Wanted CP 75  
21st Field Engineer Squadron 21 FD SQN
Wanted CP 76  
22 Field Squadron, Canadian Military Engineering Branch Wanted 35F 22 FIELD SQN  
22nd Field Engineer Squadron 22 FD SQN
Wanted CP 77  
27th Field Squadron  
31st Combat Engineer Regiment 31 CER Wanted CT 60  
31 Field Engineer Squadron (R) 31 FD SQN Wanted CP 78  
32nd Combat Engineer Regiment 32 CER Wanted CP 52  
33rd Combat Engineer Regiment 33 CER  
33rd Field Engineer  Squadron (R) 33 FD SQN
33 FES
Wanted CT 76 Wanted CP 79A
Wanted CP 79B
34th Combat Engineer Regiment 34 CER Wanted CP 54  
34e Regiment du Genie de Combat 34 RGC   
35e Regiment du Genie de Combat 35 RGC

36th Combat Engineer Regiment 36 CER  
37th Combat Engineer Regiment 37 CER Wanted CP 57  
38th Combat Engineer Regiment 38 CER Wanted CP 58  
39th Combat Engineer Regiment 39 CER Wanted CP 59  
41st Combat Engineer Regiment 41 CER Wanted CP 60  
44th Field Engineer Squadron (R) 44 FD SQN

Wanted CT 77B

Wanted CP 80  

45th Engineer Squadron

45th Field Engineer Squadron (R) 45 FD SQN
46th Field Engineer Squadron (R) 46 FD SQN Wanted CP 83  
48th Field Engineer Squadron (R) 48 FD SQN Wanted CP 84  
54th Field Engineer Squadron (R) 54 FD SQN Wanted CP 85  
56th Field Squadron 56 FD SQN

58th Field Engineer Squadron 58 FD SQN Wanted CT 80  
Mapping and Charting Establishment MCE
Wanted CP 66  

Trade Badges

Khaki Green Black
Battle Dress Garrison Dress Distinctive Environmental Uniform
1956 to 1968 1985 to 1998 1985 to Present
GP1 GP2 GP3 GP4 Comments Lv1 Lv2 Lv3 Lv4 Lv1 Lv2 Lv3 Lv4
Field Engineers 041 Combined with the Field Engineer and the Field Engineer Equipment Operator to Combat Engineer 043 in 2003
Mechanic RCE Obsolete in 1966
Operator Special Engineering Equipment None Renamed Operator Engineer Equipment
Operator Engineer Equipment Wanted Wanted Wanted None Obsolete in 1974
Field Engineer Equipment Operator 042 Combined with the Field Engineer and the Field Engineer Equipment Operator to Combat Engineer 043 in 2003
Combat Engineer 043
Blacksmith None Obsolete in 1960
Bricklayer None None Renamed to Mason
Carpenter None
Concretor None None Renamed to Mason
Foreman of Works

None None Replaced by the Construction and Maintenance technician
Miner None None None Obsolete in 1960
Painter None None
Plumber None Renamed Plumber Gas Fitter
Quarryman None None None Obsolete in 1960
Sawyer None None Obsolete in 1960
Sheet Metal Worker None Obsolete in 1966
Structural Steel Worker

None None Obsolete in 1960
Works Company
Construction and Maintenance Technician 615

No badges
Mechanic RCE None None
Draughtsman Architectural and Engineering Renamed Draughtsman in 1966
Draughtsman Graphic Arts
Draughtsman Electrical and Mechanical
Draughtsman Topographical
Electrician 614 Changed to Electrical Distribution in 2001
Mechanist Electrical
Electrical Distribution Technician 642
Surveyor Engineering Wanted Wanted Wanted Wanted Obsolete in 1960

Surveyor Topographical

Wanted Wanted Wanted Wanted Renamed Topographical Surveyor 161 in 1966
CE Procedures Technician 631 Obsolete in 1998
CE Superintendent 649
Construction and Maintenance Technician 615 No badge
Construction Engineering Technician 611 Combined with the Structures Technician in 2000 to Formed the Construction Technician
Construction Technician 648
Mechanical System Technician 625 Transferred to the air force
Plumber Gas Fitter 613
Plumbing and Heating Technician 646
Refrigeration and Mechanical Technician 641 Converted from the air element in 2003 Trade formed after the use of Garrison Dress Trade formed after the use of Garrison Dress Trade formed after the use of Garrison Dress Trade formed after the use of Garrison Dress
Structures Technician 612 Combined with the Construction Engineering Technician in 2000 to Formed the Construction Technician
Topographical Surveyor 141

Merged with Geomatics Technician
Fire Fighter No Badge Obsolete in 1960
Fire Safety Inspector None
None Obsolete in 1966