Official badges of the Canadian Navy

No. 1 (Ceremonial) Dress[edit]

No. 2 (Mess) Dress[edit]

No. 3 (Service) Dress[edit]

Also called a "walking-out" or "duty uniform", it is the military equivalent of the business suit. It was the standard uniform for appearing in public (hence the moniker "walking-out dress"). The Navy has an optional white summer uniform with white high-collared tunic.

This uniform is the same as No 2B (Mess) Dress when the shirt and tie is replaced with a white shirt and bow tie, or the No 1 (Ceremonial) Dress that includes ceremonial web or sword belt and sword, medals and other service specific accoutrements such as gloves.

No. 4 (Base) Dress[edit]

When DEU was introduced, Naval personnel were issued No. 4 (Base) Dress, which consisted of a jacket and trousers similar to old CF work dress but in black. It was worn with a white dress shirt — open-necked or with necktie — or with the Naval blue work shirt.

This uniform has since been phased out and replaced with the No 5 (Naval Combat) Dress.

No. 5 (Naval Combat) Dress[edit]

Ball caps (with unit’s name and designator) and berets are authorized for wear with Naval Combat Dress

Reference: from Wikipedia Uniforms of the Royal Canadian Navy

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