RCSCC Green uniform

Shoulder badges





English English English French French

Possible trial of a shoulder badge to match new green uniform.  Can someone correct me if I am wrong?  Thanks


Gunshirt None

Jacket None



  Ordinary Cadet Able Seaman Leading Seaman Master Seaman Qualified Petty Officer 2nd Class Petty Officer 2nd Class Qualified Petty Officer First Class Petty Officer First Class Chief Petty Officer Second Class Chief Petty Officer First Class

Qualification Badges

Boatswain Cook Lifeguard Engineer Medical Assistant Music Athletic Instructor Operations - Communications Sailing Junior Leadership Practical Leadership Gunnery Instructor Music Instructor Sailing Instructor

Appointment Badges

Ship's Writer Regulating Petty Officer Storesman Drum Major

Proficiency Badges

Wanted Wanted Wanted Wanted Wanted
Bugler Communicator Tallship Music Scuba Diving Marksman Sailing Duke of Edimburg Seamanship Emergency First Aid (English) Emergency First Aid (French) Standard First Aid (English) Standard First Aid (French)

Combination and Staff Cadet Badges

Junior Leadership - Staff Cadet Practical  Leadership - Staff Cadet Staff Cadet

Service Years Badges

First Year Second Year Third Year Forth Year Fifth Year Sixth Year Seventh Year


Badges no longer used or cancelled or modified


Bugler Drum Major Marksman  Sailmaker Scuba Shipwright Sailing Instructor   Submariner



Proficiency Badges


  St. John Ambulance Emergency First Aid (English) St. John Ambulance Emergency First Aid (French)


Physical Fitness

Bronze Bronze type 2 Silver Gold


Wanted Wanted
Bronze Silver Gold