Finally, I managed to get pictures of the trays that I use to gather all my collection.

    The tray measurements are 16" wide X 12" high X 3/4" thick.

  The cover includes a glass and is removable.

 To remove glass/cover, 4 nails need to be removed from sides.

  The inside of tray has an insert that when you place the crests on them and replace the cover, the insert maintains a slight pressure on crests to ensure that the crests stay in place, without damaging them.

    Here is a sample of one of my tray from my Aerobatic Demonstration Team with cover installed.

    For your info, I have 303 of these at roughly $10.00 Canadian each.  You don't have to do the math.  Below is one of my beautiful wall with all of them in boxes sorted out by Squadrons, Bases, Aircrafts, etc.

    They also come in different sizes.