MP Chenille

Any ideas about dates. etc

Interesting one   Royal Canadian Hussars??

American Vietnam War Marines

If found, dates????

Where was it held?? Who won it??  Cap badge of the BC Dragoons

What was it for???

RCAF Main Communication Relay Network

Another one you would think it would be easy to find information on it, but nothing could be found on the internet.

Was this one made for the coastal patrol and which unit were allowed to wear it?

Atmospheric Environmental Services (AES).  Military???

This one may not be military.  Band????

Baseball Team Ottawa  Military????  Sports Team  American

Platoon Trucker.  Service battalion

Another one Navy related (Chaplain???)  RN????????  Navy League cadet corps  British ??  Padre

I know that this one is for a bonspiel.  New trade ACS tech with old RCAF trade.  Where was this bonspiel held at???

I was told that this one was RCMP.  But someone else told me differently.  Either army or air force??? Cadets????

Update Aug 4, 2003  Someone else told me that this one is RCMP.  Can anyone prove me that this one is definitely RCMP (books).  I was told via email from the RCMP kitshop that it wasn't RCMP.

No idea

Aug 1, 2003

Tri-Service design, but what is it

Update Aug 4, 2003  Tri Service device on blue - I have one that has Camp Borden above the device. It is faint but readable. It was painted or printed on, so I guess it's common to wear off easily. What it's for, I don't know.  Any confirmations

RCAF, ???

Military ???  Got it with Seaking patches

Sept 6, 2003

RCAF???  Dates???

Debert NS  Bay of Fundy

Feb 28, 2004

?????? RCAF

10 Sept 2004

Transport ????

This one really stunned me.  It says Royal Canadian Air Force, but we never had a 41 Sqn before.  Also the crest is in too new condition to be before the unification.  Any ideas?????

Or could it be a Radar Unit that no longer exist, or RAF on exercise in Canada????

Is this one Canadian???

14 Sept 09

Parachute Section

Are these generic to all photo section on the bases os squadrons??

Parachute Section Where???  generic to all bases

Eagle GTS  Ground Training School  RAF???

USAF ?????

Loony Air Force?????

Could this be a crest made for a specific base.  Aircraft type or S does it mean anything??  Competition??

I was told that the 2 waves represent Shearwater, can anyone confirm this?

What course, due to school design

No ideas

RCN for sure  B S ???  FDF???


Obviously a sport crest  NEA????  RCAF?????

RCAF Air cadets???

Course crest but King Crown and 1967????

1 Equipment Depot where???

Armourer common to all bases???

What base???  Reserve Technical Training Program?????

Cobra flight was in Gimli, Cold Lake, Moose Jaw.  This one is for what base, years???

Generic RCAF crest????


What Squadron

Air Movements where?????

Hockey  what team???

Canadian??? Where??? Dates


RCAF Admin Clerk Aylmer??  Can anyone decipher the wording???

RAF ??  Where??

Course where??? Why 6108/1

Radar technicians generic????

Canadian / American????  What squadron???

DEW line/??????

Aerobatic Team where?   Or Winnipeg Museum

Sport again TAC ????? Dates????

American and Canadian ???????

CF104 course crest  When Where